Pathway to OM – overcoming the Ego

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OM is said to be the sound symbol of Infinite Divinity, and Brahma Vishnu Mahesh the trinity Deities.



To be able to reach or understand this sound symbol OM the oneness of it, all the scriptures have s

hown us the way.

One of the clear ways is threw the trinity Deities.

Brahma the creator deity stands for creation with his wife Sarswati the deity of knowledge for Wisdom.

“Be the Creator of your Wisdom.”

Vishnu the preserver deity with his wife Laxmi the deity of Wealth stands for-

“Preserve this Wealth of Wisdom that was created”

Mahesh the destroyer with his wife Parvati the Shakti ( strength) stands for-

” The Wisdom will give you Strength to Destroy Ego”

In Simple words

Create (Brahma) the Wisdom(Saraswati) and Preserve (Vishnu) the Wealth (Lashmi),  which will give you the Strength (Parvati) to Destroy(Mahesh)  the Ego or the Ignorance.

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