What does a Life Coach do, analogy to understand Life Coach

Who is Life Coaching?

Life coach is a tech support for your life. They help you know yourself better helping you to stop merely wishing for all that you want and to start creating and manifesting your hearts desire.

A life coach asks  you a bunch of questions, you provide all the answers. Then they give you exercises and processes to implement the changes you want.

Life coach asks you open ended questions to let you discover yourself cause your life is yours and only you have answers to your issues and ideas. You have far more knowledge about your own life than anybody else ever could, even if they studied you for a life time.

Knowing where you are right now and where you want to be, and then bridging the gap, is what we life coaches do.

A life coach’s first and foremost goal is to help you achieve what you want to achieve.

Who is life coaching for?


Well being our Birthright

Well-being is in the flow of life. It’s that river which is continuously flows threw us. Either we receive it or we resist it. This is our Choice. To receive well-being we have to remove that umbrella of resistance.

When someone gets a hurt the body starts producing the new tissues to take it back to its original form, what the doctors can do is only help cure the wound but he can’t cure it. The body starts the process right away.

How to remove this resistance in our life so we can receive the free flow of well being?


Meditación Renovando Energia

Esta es una meditación para renovar la energía. Una meditación guiada para energizar tu cuerpo y tu mente. Esta meditación es una forma de equilibrar la propagación de energías y hacer que fluya como un río en lugar de tenerlos en arroyos. De este modo, todas nuestras energías están de vuelta en nuestro cuerpo renovado y fresco que podrá utilizar para lo que nunca nos hemos centrado en el presente. Si usted se siente desinflado y está cansado y necesita un aumento de energía esta meditación es para usted. Este es un regalo para ti totalmente gratis. Su meditación 6 minutos absolutamente fácil de acomodar en su agenda apretada y excelente para principiantes. Esta meditación abre el canal a su Fuerza de la vida y lo hace fluir Vida y Vitalidad, Rejuveneciendo y Renovando bienestar en tu Cuerpo, Mente y Espíritu.


Special ZERO COST “Rapid Change” Coaching Session

Are you looking to live an Amazing Life. Do you want to feel fulfilled, powerful and have everything that you want. Coaching can help you reach your Goals with ease. If you like to take advantage of Coaching I am offering a sessions of Coaching absolutely free with no obligations. Please register yourself so I can contact you.

Here are some things you would benefit from a life coach:

1. You’re not happy with your current life situation, but aren’t sure what to change (feeling stuck).
2. You have trouble staying motivated.
3. You have goals, but find it hard to keep on track, succumbing to procrastination.
4. You have something important in your life that you keep thinking about, but never take any action.


Renewing Energies a Free Meditation

This is a meditation for Renewing Energy . A Guided Meditation to energize your Body and Mind. The Meditation also helps to get back in balance cause it bring all the spread out energies and make them flow like a river instead of having them in little streams. I am selling this product for US$ 29.97, but today I am giving it away for free to you with no obligations.  Its a 6 minute meditation absolutely easy to accommodate in your tight schedule and it great for beginners.

This meditation opens the channel to your life Force and makes it flow to you, Rejuvenating , Renewing and bringing  well being to Body, Mind and Spirit.


Pathway to OM – overcoming the Ego|understanding Hinduism

OM is said to be the sound symbol of Infinite Divinity, and Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh the trinity Deities.

To be able to reach or understand this sound symbol OM the oneness of it, all the scriptures have shown us the way.

One of the clear ways is threw the trinity Deities.

Brahma the creator deity stands for creation with his wife Saraswati the deity of knowledge and Wisdom.


Shiva the Greatest Scientist of his time |Symbolism Vedic Deities

This is just another way of looking at the Hindu Gods. The one that fascinates me the most is Shiva…. I have always seen him as the Greatest Scientist of his time. This is an attempt to give reasons to my opinion on Shiva the Great Scientist.

Before I start giving reasons ..I would like my readers to think of a Airplane. Since we all have seen a airplane its quiet easy to imagine it right. Now try explaining it to a person who has never seen one, obviously it would be something like a thing that can fly with a carriage for people to sit in between the wings … what this person probably will imagine is a bird carrying a carriage in between its wings and flying around, cause the only thing they has seen flying is a bird.

Keeping the above example in mind think of all Ramayan and Mahabharata stories. This I will cover in other articles in detail. Right now my focus is Shiva.


The Curd Rice Story

Beauty of nature

We all have read the Story about the girl eating the Curd Rice she doesn’t like on a condition to bald her self , Which she did for the love for  her friend. If you haven’t read the story you can read it here.

Moral of the Story according to my understanding  –

The little Girl did this act because of her love and concern for her dear friend. If we love ourselves wouldn’t we do it for the Self. What makes me feel good about myself …. when I am Loving , Kind and Generous so shouldn’t I do these things all the time if I really love myself.